Latest Articles (Top 15)

Agreement between Swept Source OCT Based and Scheimpflug / Placido Based Biometry Devices - Pak J Ophthalmol
Does Prolonged Botulinum Toxin A Treatment Decrease its Duration of Action? - Pak J Ophthalmol
Frequency of Complications of Silicone Oil in the Surgical Treatment of Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment - Pak J Ophthalmol
Resolution of Macular Oedema in Diabetic Patients Following Avastin (Bevacizumab) Intravitreal Therapy - Pak J Ophthalmol
A Survey of Patient Satisfaction with LASIK - Pak J Ophthalmol
Pattern of Ocular Trauma in Tertiary Care Hospital - Pak J Ophthalmol
Role of Nd:YAG Laser in the Management of Premacular Subhyloid Hemorrhage - Pak J Ophthalmol
Prevalence of Hepatitis B & C at Tehsil Headquarter Hospital in Cataract Surgery Patients - Pak J Ophthalmol
Awareness of Contact Lens Care among Medical Students - Pak J Ophthalmol
Frequency of Computer Vision Syndrome in Computer Users - Pak J Ophthalmol
Intraocular Lens Power Calculation in Silicone Oil Filled Eye: IOL Master Versus A-MODE Acoustic Biometry - Pak J Ophthalmol
Clinical Results of Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty in Treatment of Advanced Keratoconus; Big Bubble Technique - Pak J Ophthalmol
Outcomes of Early Pars Plana Vitrectomy for Acute Post Operative Endophthalmitis with or without Silicone Oil - Pak J Ophthalmol
Role of Full Correction of Myopia in Regulation of Intra Ocular Pressure in Young Persons - Pak J Ophthalmol
Headache: Investigate or Not to Investigate? - Pak J Ophthalmol

Latest Case Reports (Top 15)

Quadrantic Partial Thickness Sclerectomy for Treatment of Uveal Effusion Syndrome - Pak J Ophthalmol
Capillary Hemangioma of Conjunctiva: A Rare Ocular Surface Growth - Pak J Ophthalmol
It All Lies in Her Eyes - Pak J Ophthalmol
Chronic Rhinorrhea - Pak J Ophthalmol
Male breast cancer; invasive ductal cell carcinoma infested with myiasis. a case report - Professional Med J
Pure yolk cell testicular tumor; a 23 year old male patient, a rare entity - Professional Med J
β thalassemia; a case report of oral and maxillofacial manifestation from population of Karachi Pakistan - Professional Med J
Ketoprofen; an effective agent against rheumatoid arthritis - Professional Med J
Non Parasitic Chyluria Associated with Perirenal Lymphangiomas - Rawal Med J
Role of laparoscopy in post ERCP duodenal perforation: a case report - Rawal Med J
Physiotherapy management of frozen shoulder associated with diabetes mellitus - Rawal Med J
Unusual Foreign Body in Rectum - Ann Pak Inst Med Sci
Internal Herniation, A Rare Presentation - Ann Pak Inst Med Sci
Report of Primary Renal Hydatid Cyst in a Child - Ann Pak Inst Med Sci
High Output Enterocutaneous Fistula: A Case Report - Ann Pak Inst Med Sci

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