Latest Articles (Top 15)

Tetanus situation in Pakistan; comparison of medical versus surgical management - Professional Med J
Type 2 diabetic subjects, evaluating serum cobalamin with special reference to dyslipidemia - Professional Med J
Type 2 diabetic patients; frequency of self-reported sexual dysfunctions among male - Professional Med J
Prevalence of human malaria; it’s correlation with thrombocytopenia and treatment in patients of district Rahim Yar Khan - Professional Med J
Convulsive status epilepticus; to determine the in hospital mortality - Professional Med J
Obesity; association of serum vitamin D levels - Professional Med J
Hyponatremia; frequency and outcome in patients with liver cirrhosis - Professional Med J
Iron deficiency anemia; importance of iron fortified food (wheat) for prevention - Professional Med J
Effects of alcohol; cognitive disturbances, pessimism, depressive symptoms and psychological maladjustment among alcoholics - Professional Med J
Colorectal cancer; site distribution - Professional Med J
Diabetic foot ulcer; risk factors stratification in patients. a study of 150 patients - Professional Med J
Treatment by traditional bonesetters; frequency of complications - Professional Med J
Mandibular condyle fractures; a 2 years study at Liaquat university hospital - Professional Med J
Ilizarov techniques; to study the results of infected nonunion of tibia - Professional Med J
Breastfeeding outcome; effect of prelacteal feeding: a cross-sectional survey - Professional Med J

Latest Case Reports (Top 15)

Afghan mutation of CA-II gene; osteopetrosis and carbonic anhydrase II deficiency with craniofacial disproportion in an Afghan child - Professional Med J
Schizophrenia the unique presentation of self-harm - a case report from a developing country - Professional Med J
A case of hashimoto’s encephalopathy in a patient with lithium toxicity - Pak J Neurological Sci
A giant right subclavian- axillary artery aneurysm presenting as brachial plexopathy - Pak J Neurological Sci
Concurrent intracranial chloromas and leukemia cutis in chronic myeloid leukemia - Pak J Neurological Sci
stroke as a first presentation of malignancy - Pak J Neurological Sci
NMDA encephalitis in an elderly with poor prognosis - Pak J Neurological Sci
Magnetic resonance imaging of intracranial extramedullary haematopoiesis in β-thalassemia: a case report - Pak J Neurological Sci
“more than meets the eye” non secretory myeloma presenting as cidp in a patient with longstanding diabetic polyneuropathy. a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge - Pak J Neurological Sci
Brainstem tuberculoma as a manifestation of paradoxical reaction in a patient with tuberculous meningitis - Pak J Neurological Sci
10-year pattern of admissions in psychiatric unit at a tertiary care hospital in pakistan - Pak J Neurological Sci
Neuromyelitis optica (devic’s disease) in a 10 years old boy - Pak J Neurological Sci
Salmonella meningitis a rare presentation in adult - Pak J Neurological Sci
Immune thrombocytopenia; following seasonal flu vaccine and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug use - Professional Med J
Epinephrine; a vasoconstrictor or a uterine relaxant? a case series - Professional Med J

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