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A Verbal/Social Autopsy (VASA) Child Mortality Inquiry to Investigate Under-Five Mortality Determinants in Slums of Karachi, Pakistan: A Mix Methods Interventional Study - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Surgical Closure of ASD’s and Concomitant Procedures Needed in Adults: A 3-Year Cardiac Centre Experience - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Assessment of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus Risk Factors in Local Population - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Prevalence of Depressive Symptoms Among Entrance Test Applicants of Mirpurkhas - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
An Epidemiological Study: Assessment of Symptomatic Osteoarthritis and its Management in General Population of Karachi with Joint Pain - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Relationship of Physical stress and hypertension among Cardiovascular Disease Patients - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Morbidity and Mortality in Methanol Poisoning: An Observational Study Conducted in Karachi - Int J Endorsing Health Sci Res
Syringe grip assembly with self locking negative pressure mechanism to assist in transabdominal percutaneous chorionic villus sampling and other aspirations - Pak J Med Res
Assessment of job satisfaction among nurses working in children hospital, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, Islamabad - Pak J Med Res
Genotype distribution of hepatitis C virus in West Sumatera, Indonesia - Pak J Med Res
ABO incompatibility in neonates coming to a pediatric tertiary care hospital - Pak J Med Res
Feedback loop between diabetes management and quality of life: a synthesis of direct and indirect effects - Pak J Med Res
Experiences of women and assessment of efficacy and side effects of sub-dermal implants in rural Islamabad - Pak J Med Res
Prevalence of hypertension among patients undergoing surgical procedures in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Lahore - J Cardiovascular Dis
Incidence of asymptomatic hypocalcaemia and qt prolongation in patients with chronic liver disease - J Cardiovascular Dis

Latest Case Reports (Top 15)

Percutaneous transcatheter device closure of ruptured sinus of valsalva aneurysm - J Cardiovascular Dis
Delayed presentation of an ascending aortic aneurysm following aortic valve replacement - J Cardiovascular Dis
Iatrogenic left main coronary artery stenosis after Aortic valve replacement: a case report - J Cardiovascular Dis
Atypical left atrial myxoma in an intravenous drug abuser and HIV positive patient - J Cardiovascular Dis
Arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia with biventricular dysfunction confirmed by gated multi detector computerized tomography scan - J Cardiovascular Dis
Interesting Cases of Stent Thrombosis - J Cardiovascular Dis
Encephalopathy with behavioral and psychiatric features–firstantibody proven case of anti-nmda receptor encephalitis from Pakistan - Pak J Neurological Sci
Marburg variant of multiple sclerosis; a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge - Pak J Neurological Sci
A rare case of simple hereditary recessive optic atrophy - Pak J Neurological Sci
A young female patient with neurofibromatosis type ii: rare condition having short history with huge parasagittal meningioma - J Uni Med Dent Coll
Prosthodontic rehabilitation of non syndromic tooth agenesis - J Uni Med Dent Coll
Huge pancreatic calcifications - an unusual case of pancreatic divisum - J Uni Med Dent Coll
Vein of Galen aneurismal malformation: diagnosis confirmed on MRI and CT angiography- a case report of 2.5 years old child and review of the literature - J Uni Med Dent Coll
Spindle cell neoplasm of vagina case report: - J Uni Med Dent Coll
Cutaneous leishmaniasis: an experience at UMDC - J Uni Med Dent Coll

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