Bilal Hussain Piracha, Zeeshan Tariq Khan, Arifa Zeeshan, Abbas Ghulam, Azmat Qayyum.
Tumour emboli and thromboembolism -induced pulmonary hypertension with patent foramen ovale.
J Rawal Med Coll Jan ;12(2):102-3.

Pulmonary hypertension induced by Tumor Emboli is a rare and often under diagnosed cause of severe dyspnea. Tumor emboli can come from various solid tumors, lung carcinoma being among the top ones. Our patient presented with progressive shortness of breath and marked oxygen saturation drop on mild exertion, the cause of which remained ambiguous until death. This emphasizes the importance of considering emboli, both by thrombosis and by tumors as a cause of otherwise undiagnosed and untreatable dyspnea.

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