Ronaq Zaman, Muhammad Inam, Bashair Ahmad.
Sensititivity pattern of pseudomonas aeroginosa isolates to quinolones.
Rawal Med J Jan ;38(3):244-8.

OBJECTIVE: This study was conducted to determine the sensitivity pattern of P. aeroginosa against floroquinolones antibiotics. MATERIAL AND METHODS: This descriptive study was carried out at Microbiology Research Laboratory Center of Biotechnology and Microbiology [COMBAM], University of Peshawar, from September 2011 to April 2012. A total of 296 samples were collected from local hospital in Peshawar and screened for P. aeroginosa. Samples were collected from different wound infections such as post operative wound, diabetic foot, fire arm injuries, road traffic accidents, acute and chronic osteomylitis, abscess and bed sores. The samples were collected by sterile swab sticks from different wounds. RESULTS: Out of 296 samples P. aeroginosa was isolated from 100 samples. The frequency of P. aeroginosa in wound infections was 33%. Out of 100 samples, 64 were collected from male patients and 36 from female patients. The patient age was ranged from 11 to 88 years. Infection rate was greater in age range of 31-60 years (63%) followed by age range of 11-30 (28%) and age range of 60 and above had infection rate of 9%. Out of 100 isolates, 12% showed resistance to all antibiotics. None of the antibiotics showed 100% sensitivity to all the isolates. CONCLUSION: This study gives an insight to the current state of sensitivity pattern of P. aeroginosa to quinolones antibiotics. There is a need for controlling the emergence of multi drug resistant organisms in the hospitals and community acquired infections. (Rawal Med J 2013;38: 244-248).

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