Sultana Habibullah.
Measles Antibodies in Children Aged 5-7 Years in Karachi.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;51(3):68-71.

Objectives: To assess the presence of antibodies in children aged between 5-7 years and correlate it with the vaccination and previous exposure to measles and also assess the need for a booster dose of vaccine. Subjects and Methods: A serological cross-sectional survey was conducted in school children age 5-7 years, selected using convenient sampling technique from Saddar town, Karachi. Variables included age, gender, immunization status, past history of clinical measles and the age at time of disease. Measles specific IgG antibody titers were estimated by ELISA at PMRC, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore. Consent was obtained from guardians of the children. Study was analyzed on SPSS version 15. Results: A total of 500 children were studied with 278(55%) aged between 6.1-7 years and equal male to female ratio. Of the total, 415(83%) children had received measles vaccination in the past amongst whom 68(16%) had history of suffering from measles in the past. IgG antibodies were found in 401(80%) with majority (58% n=231) aged between 6.1-7 years and more females showed protection (M:F ratio 43:57). Despite receiving vaccination 42 children suffered from clinical measles between 1-7 years of age while another 22 suffered from measles before their first birthday. Conclusions: Protective antibodies were found in 80% school children while 20% were still un-protected with the current regime of measles vaccination. Policy statement: Vaccination strategy for measles needs to be reviewed for two dose vaccination schedule.

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