Sanaa Ahmed, Zahid Ali, Talha Bin Saeed.
Treating Ameloblastoma With Inferior Border Of Mandible As A Guide: A Case Series.
Khyber Med Uni Med J Jan ;8(4):194-7.

Ameloblastoma, is the commonest odontogenic tumor. Solid ameloblastoma is the most common aggressive type with highest recurrence rate. Treatment varies from enucleation, curettage to resection of the jaw and depends upon clinical behavior, age of patient and site. We present a series of five cases of Ameloblastoma in young patients, managed from July 2012 to June 2013, by using inferior border as a guide to reduce morbidity. Patients with less than 35 years of age and having intact inferior border of mandible underwent enucleation while jaw resection was done in patients with absorbed inferior border of mandible. Four patients underwent enucleation with recurrence in one case while one patient underwent hemimandibulectomy with no recurrence. All five patients, still being followed up, are tumor free since the treatment up to two years post-treatment.

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