Summaya Sohail, Ahmareen Khalid, Asma Khattak.
Primary Endometroid Carcinoma of Fallopian Tube - A Case Report.
Int J Pathol Jan ;15(4):182-5.

Background: Reported cases of primary carcinoma of fallopian tube can be numbered. Owing to the emerging importance of this ?small organ? in the previous few years as a precursor lesion of many gynecological malignancies, the need of the hour is to understand all the pathophysiological aspect of this uncommon neoplasm Case Presentation: Keeping in mind the above-mentioned rationale we hereby take the opportunity to present a case Primary Endometroid Carcinoma of fallopian tube in a 60 years old patient Stage pT2a, who presented with the complains of Abdominal swelling and pain. As with nearly all the cases reported of fallopian tube carcinomas its always the pathologist who first diagnose the case of primary carcinoma of fallopian tube.The patients radiological findings were consistent with adnexal mass with inseparable plane between ovary and fallopian tube. Extensive sampling of both the fallopian tube, ovary and were done keeping in view the set criterion for diagnosis of primary fallopian tube cancer.

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