Imran-ud Din, Muhammad Sajjad, Shabbier Hussain, Muhammad Ashraf.
Frequency of Hepatitis B and C in Chronic patients of Chronic Renal Failure.
J Saidu Med Col Jan ;9(1):110-2.

Background: Dialysis is an invasive medical procedure required to filter blood of waste products in patients of renal failure. In this procedure there is direct contact of blood with filtration processes and can results in high risk of infection especially HBV and HCV. Objective: To study the frequency of Hepatitis B and C Infection in dialysis patients of chronic renal failure. Materials & Methods: This descriptive study was conducted in Dialysis Deptt of District Head Quarter Hospital Bannu KPK Pakistan. The duration of study was four years from January, 2014 to December,2017.A total of 165 dialysis patients of chronic renal failure were analysed. Inclusion criteria was all dialysis patients of chronic renal failure of any age and sex with more than 10 dialysis received. Exclusion criteria was newly diagnosed dialysis patients. All the patients screening were performed for hepatitis B and C virus by Immunochromatographic technique (ICT). Positive cases were confirmed by Enzyme Linked Immuno Assay (ELISA) and Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) subsequently. Results: The age range was 10 60 years. Male were 98 (59.40%) and female were 67 (40.60%) with male to female ratio of 1.56:1. The most common age group was 40-50 64 (38.78%) followed by 30-40 48 (29.09%). Out of these 165 dialysis patients 11 (6.66%) were positive for hepatitis B virus, 09 (5.45%) were positive for hepatitis C virus and 02 (1.21%) were positive for both B & C viruses. Conclusion: In this study there is high frequency of HBV and HCV infections in patients with CRF on dialysis, the reason is likely improper screening of blood for transfusion as well cross infection of patients from dialysis machines

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