Sadia Haroon, Mohammad Usman, Maryam Hafeez.
Assessment of Diabetes Related Knowledge Amongst Pre-Clinical Medical & Dental Students of IMDC.
Ophthalmol Update Jan ;14(1):61-6.

Background: Assessment of the knowledge of patho-physiology, diagnosis, treatment and care of the patients with diabetes mellitus among medical students in preclinical years is important since majority of patient admitted to hospital have underlying diabetes which could lead to adverse clinical outcome if not managed efficiently. Objective: Purpose of study was to evaluate knowledge related to etiology risk factors, diagnosis and management of different complications of diabetes among medical and dental student at IMDC where an integrated hybrid PBL curriculum is running as pretest before introduction of biochemistry of diabetes mellitus endocrinology module. Methods: A validated self administered questionnaire was used related to diabetes awareness was used. Result: In this study 73 second year 51 female and 22 male and 29 BDS students comprising of 22 female and 2 male students. Majority of students (n=56 /102) obtained average (between 14-19/24) diabetic knowledge score, (n=31/102) got poor score (less than 14/24) and only few of them got good score 14/102 students they belong to MBBS. Conclusion: As there is no prior studies in our setting, evaluating knowledge related to diabetes mellitus diagnosis and management among medical students. This study has importance, based on these results, foundation of knowledge can be filled through medical and clinical education to improve future delivery of diabetic care.

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