Bashir Ahmad Kakar, Qazi Abdul Shakoor, Khurshid Abbasi, Sadiqa Haq, Jamil Ahmed.
Laboratory diagnosis and prevalence of most common micro-organisms of acute pyogenic meningitis in L.M.C. Hospital Jamshoro, Hyderabad.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;39(4):159-64.

In 118 admitted cases of acute pyogenic meningitis at the Department of Paeditrics during one year study period from October to September. After selecting the cases on clinical grounds, we proceeded further to confirm the Diagnosis by C.S.F cytochemical analysis, gram staining, culture and sensitivity, and detection of the antigen of Micro organisms by Latex agglutination test. Out of 118 cases, thirty one were neonate and eighty seven were of post neonatal age group, with the highest prevalence 68.46%. Under 1St 2 years of life. 50 (42.37%) had positive gram staining and 30 (25.42%) had positive C.S.F culture and sensitivity, 16.12% (5/31) blood culture was positive (only in neonates). Latex agglutination was positive in 106 (89.83%) cases (31/87) cases. Gram Negative micro-organisms were responsible for 55.93% (66/118) of cases. The E.Coli was responsible for 41.93% (13/31), cases in neonatal meningitis. In post neonatal period Streptococcus pneumonia was the leading micro organisms responsible for 35.63% (31/87) cases of meningitis. The H. influenza prevalence was 17.24% (15/87), and that of Niesseria meningitis was 28.73% (25/87).

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