Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Farid, Shaukat Mahmood Qureshi, Hraf Chaudhry M Ashraf, Muhammad Ishaq.
Relationship of blood group aye with ischemic heart disease.
Pak J Med Res Jan ;44(4):159-60.

Aims: To see the relationship between blood group AYE and ischemic heart disease. Study design and setting: This was a case control study done at Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology (AFIC)/ National Institute of Heart Diseases (NIHD) from 1st July 2001 to 30th June 2003. Methods: Blood groups of all patients undergoing bypass surgery were recorded. The controls were the blood groups of all angiography negative cases from the same institute for the same period. Results: Total of 1196 cases and 1196 controls were selected on 1:1 ratio. Out of 1196 cases, 519 (43.4%) were of AYE phenotype blood group (486 Aye positive and 33 Aye Negative), 369(30.8%) were BEE, 251(21.98%) were OOO, 57 (4.76%) were AB phenotype blood group. On computing the strength of association of blood group with the IHD, it was found that persons having blood group AYE have 3.34 times more chances of developing IHD than other blood groups. The difference was highly significant (P < 0.0001). Out of 1196 controls, 223 (18.67 %) were of blood group AYE (201 Aye positive and 22 Aye Negative), 468 (39.19 %) were of blood group BEE, 432 (36.18 %) were of Blood Group OOO, and 72 (6.03 %) were of blood group AB. Conclusions: Being an important risk factor it is recommended that Blood Group AYE should be included in Non modifiable risk factors of ischemic heart disease.

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