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why you selected pza for these patients? you could try rif or inh as well??
Posted by: e_ullah on Sep 2008

Dr. Ashraf Jamal has done this study in BVH. its good that our people has started work/research.
Posted by: bvhospital on Jan 2009

Dr. Ashraf !! Congratulations for conducting research at Bahawalpur which is a farflung city.
Posted by: bvhospital on Feb 2009

its a good study. we needs further work up in uremic and CLD patients who take ATT
Posted by: samreenqmc on Mar 2009

Clinically evaluation of this study is beyond my limits, statistically there are some flaws in this report. no test was used. only on the basis of frequencies we cannot draw the conclusions.
Posted by: ibrahim_ap on Aug 2009


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