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It is a professinally low-grade article. I have reviewd the full-text of this article and is full of flaws with irrelvant statements in the discussion section. Formula to calculate BMI (body mass index) as written in full-text article available at is icorrect. The correct formula is BMI= body weight in kg / height in metresĀ² but not in cm as in the full-text article. The statement"A significant positive correlation was found (r = 0.439 & sig. 0.05)" does not indicate that this r value (correlation coefficinet)was calculated in which study groups (hypertensives or controls) indicating the poor knowledge of statistical analysis procedure that has revealed the professional plagiarism, fabrication, and dishonesty upon the part of professionally inefficient authors. HONESTY GROUP ... FIGHT AGAINS PLAGRIARISM

Posted by: honesty - Jul 2004


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