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I have reviewed the full-text of this professionally low-standard article with no finding. In this study serum creatinine and urea levels were determined in male volunteers to assess the renal function. What did the authors conclude from the findindgs of this study. Creatinine and urea levels rise only in the subjects with renal dysfuntion, while in apparently normal subjects what is the objective to determine the levels of these two biochemical parameters in the serum while there were no study groups to compare the reslults. The main flaw of the study is that various varibles like age, weight, body surface area, etc were also measured but no correlation of these variables was determined (by regression analysis) with either serum creatinine or urea, reflecting the illiteracy of the authors with the basic statisiticaly analyses. What are being published in our journals? HONESTY GROUP ....

Posted by: honesty - Jul 2004


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