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More detailed criteria for evaluation of results are required. Osseointegration is a histological phenomenon and can be only cofrimed hisologically. However stability in itself is a clinical finding. One can claim the implants to be stable but not to be osseointegrated. Stability in itself is examined by torque resistence, mobility, perimplant mucosal health etc. Furthermore, what was the follow up post loading evaluation period. The claim of implants being success at the time of loading is not valid. Further, the mentioning of rationale for replacing maxillary molars being debatable is indeed a separate topic and indeed highly debatable. Although the success rate of posterior maxillary implants are slightly less then those of mandibular, high success have been documented in 10 year followup trials. More over, immediate implants have been placed and documented for many many years. The conclusion has been implemented in practises already for many years.
Posted by: Shakespere on Jan 2005


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