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One question and two comments.---- Question: Authors wrote "The patients were then asked to get their fasting blood glucose and lipid profile done and bring back the results during the followup visit.", My question is who paid for the tests? Patients or authors or author's instituion. This was a prospective study not a retrospective study (chart review), therefore, I hope that patients were not asked to pay the bill for author's desire to get published.---- First Comment. There is a typing error in the 2nd line of fourth paragraph of Results section. p-value was not <0.05, but it was >0.05.-------Second Comment. I can't understand that why the authors did not use regression analysis? Regression analysis would have given much better results. Authors artificially divided a continous variable (HgbA1c) into categorical variable and then did multiple statistical tests without correcting for multiple tests. If we correct p-values for multiple tests (using bonferroni's correction), there is no significant p-value.
Posted by: rqayyum on Jun 2005


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