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WoW! A comparison of apples and oranges. First, this article appears like re-discovering Sun. Why to put patients through a study while facts are so well known from their molecular differences to their clinical effects? Is this ethically appropriate? Second, conclusion of this article is quite misleading. Simvastatin and gemfibrozil are used for very different types of dyslipidemias. Please don't use them interchangabley.
Posted by: rqayyum on Sep 2005

I am in agreement with you RQAYYUM...I am not only surprised at these studies but annoyed as well.I think these people in Pakistan are just trying to pout their names on one study or another I mean all these studies are BULL SH*** who doesnt know that gemfibrozil and statins work differently on lipid profile ..?? They are re-inventing wheels without knowledge of anything:) I am first time visitor of the website and its killing me now how they are publishing one bull shit articles one after another....God! I read many of your posts and I think ...we think alike...Keep it up:)
Posted by: SIMPLEMD on Jan 2008


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