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Surgimed Medical and Dental Journal

  • Chief Editor: Prof. Dr. Shaheena Asif
  • Citation Name: Surgimed Med Dent J
  • Published From:Lahore
  • Address: Chief Editor,
    Surgimed Hospital, 1. Zafar Ali Road, Lahore.
    Phones: 042-5714411-18
  • Email Address:
  • Official Website:

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Total Articles Indexed: 22

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Available Issues of this Journal

Sep - 2009 - 1(3)
Jun - 2009 - 1(2)
Jan - 2009 - 1(1)

Prof. Nusrat Ullah Chaudary,
Prof. of Medicine, LMDC, Lahore

Chief Editor
Prof. Shaheena Asif
Prof. of Obstetrics and Gynecology, LMDC, Lahore

Dr. Saeed Ashraf Cheema
Asst. Professor of Plastic Surgery, LMDC, Lahore

Associate Editors

Dr. Dilnawaz Nadeem
Assoc. Prof. of Orthopedics, SIMS, Lahore

Dr. Manzoor Ahmad
Asst. Prof. of Neurosurgery, SIMS, Lahore

Dr. Nashi Khan
Chartered Psychologist
Surgimed Hospital, Lahore

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