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CPSP Research Synopsis Analysis Checklist

CPSP uses a systemic checklist for the analysis of Research Synopsis. This checklist should be followed after writing a Research Synopsis.


Synopsis Yes No Remarks
1. Submitted with supervisor's certificate      
2. Submission of synopsis within:
 - Six months of commencement of sub-specialty training (5 years program)
 - Twelve months of commencement of training (3 years program)
 - Eighteen months of commencement of training (4 years program)
3. Format is according to the CPSP instruction manual      
4. The study is not being duplicated in the same institute      
5. Does not exceed four pages of A-4 size paper      
6. Statistical evaluation
 - Sample size appropriate
 - Duration of study appropriate for the study design (must not be less than 6 months)
 - Data analysis procedure adequate
 - Appropriate statistical tests mentioned
7. Bibliography
 - Minimum of five references are quoted
 - References are according to Vancouver style
 - All references can be authenticated
 - Recent references are mentioned (last 5 years)
8. References
 - Recent references are mentioned (last 5 years)
 - Relevant references are cited
 - Local references are cited


TITLE Yes No Remarks
Title is clear and precise      
Relevant to the specialty      
Important to the specialty      
Problem adequately introduced      
Background explained with relevant references      
Rationale of the study clarified      
Precise and in student's own language      
Defined in clear, measurable terms      
Appropriate setting of the study mentioned      
Procedure for subject selection appropriate      
Data collection procedure(s) appropriate for the problem      
Proforma appropriate      
Will the study use data generated after the approval of synopsis      
Ethical issues, if any, addressed?      


Synopsis Yes No Remarks
Title does not contain any abbreviations      
Title rejects objectives of the study      
Introduction highlights purported      
Objectives stated in clear, measurable terms      
Appropriate operational definitions stated      
Study design suitable for the objectives      
Sampling technique correct      
Sample size appropriate      
Setting of the study mentioned      
Data collection procedure adequately explained
 - Diagnostic criteria of cases mentioned
 - Source of data clearly identified
 - Steps of data collection in proper sequence
 - Confounding variables controlled
Proforma appropriate      
Ethical issues, if any, addressed      
Will the study use data generated after the approval of synopsis?      

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