Khaleeque F, Siddiqui R, Jafarey S.
Ectopic pregnancies: a three year study.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;51(7):240-3.

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the risk factors and assess the results of management with respect to maternal morbidity and mortality of ectopic pregnancy during the last three years. SETTING: Ziauddin Medical University Hospital, North Nazimabad campus (ZMUH), Karachi. RESULTS: Forty-three patients were admitted with ectopic pregnancy at ZMUH from 1st January 1997 to 31st December 1999. Frequency of ectopic pregnancy was 1.3% of total 3252 pregnancies. Risk factors were found in 33% of cases. There was one case of heterotopic pregnancy. Surgical treatment was performed in 36 cases. Two patients were given intramuscular methotrexate and one un-ruptured ectopic resolved after expectant management. CONCLUSION: Conservative management was an option but surgical treatment was done more often because of late referrals. Screening of high risk cases, early diagnosis and early intervention would reduce the morbidity in ectopic pregnancies.

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