Saeedeh Shojaee, Keshavarz H, Rezaian M, Mohebali M.
Detection of Toxoplasma Gondii antigens in sera from experimentally infected mice.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;23(1):100-2.

Objective: Detection of Toxoplasma antigen in serum of mice by Immunoblotting. Design: Serum samples isolated from Balb/C mice experimentally infected with T. gondii, RH strain. IgG isolated from rabbits that were immunized with T. gondii Immunoblotting was performed to detect T. gondii antigens in sera of mice. Setting: School of Public Health. Tehran University of Medical Sciences. Subjects: Serum samples from mice experimentally infected with T. gondii RH strain. Main outcome measures: The value of Immunoblotting in diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in acute stage of infection. Result: The antigen bands detected in serum sample of mice were experimentally infected with T. gondii tachyzoite in immunoblotting. Six bands demonstrated on seventh post infection day six bands were identified. Similarly on sixth day four bands, on day five three bands and on fourth post infection day two bands were identified. No band was detected in control group sera. Conclusion: Immunoblotting is a sensitive method for diagnosis of acute stage of toxoplasmosis.

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