Pervez Iqbal, Noshad A Shaikh.
Postoperative complications of inguinal hernia repair.
Med Channel Jan ;12(3):33-5.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the incidence & outcome of inguinal hernia repair complications. DESIGN: A descriptive study PLACE & DURATION OF STUDY: Surgical unit I & V of Civil Hospital Karachi; January 1999 to December 2004. PATIENTS & METHODS: Five hundred & forty patients admitted with inguinal hernia were included in the study. Detailed history, physical examination & investigation were carried out. Patients were operated on elective operation list. Patients were randomly assigned to undergo Bassini`s Repair (Group A) or Lichtenstein tension free mesh repair (Group B). Patients were monitored after surgery for clinical signs of complications & their outcome were recorded. Patients were seen every 3 months for 2 years and then every year. RESULTS: Wound seroma developed in 7.1% patients in group A & 8.4% patients in group B; 3.57% patients in group A & 3.1% patients in group B developed haematoma. Abscess formation was noticed in 2.1% patients in group A & 1.9% patients in group B Urinary retention developed in 3.57% patients in group A & 4.6% patients in group B. Numbness or pain in the groin was complained by 7.1% patients in group A & 10% patients in group B .Recurrence developed in Twenty (7.1%) patients in group A & 2(0.8%) patients in group B. In most patients the average hospital stay was 4 days. CONCLUSION: Postoperative complication, morbidity & mortality can be reduced by monitored training of residents during early learning period & availability of senior surgeon help in difficulties

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