Maqbool Ashraf.
Squint surgery and Trabeculectomy as a combined procedure.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;12(4):485-6.

Cosmetic Squint Surgery was indicated in nine patients who also had high intra-ocular pressure in the eye requiring the squint surgery. It was decided to combine the two procedures. The standard technique for the recession and resection of the extra-ocular muscles was used with a slight modification that the size of the conjunctival incisions for the exposure of the extra-ocular muscles was restricted to the minimum level so that the conjunctival flap for the trabeculectomy site could be formed without any interference from the squint surgery. The cosmetic results of the squint surgery remained excellent in all patients and the intra-ocular pressure was also controlled satisfactorily in eight patients out of the nine. It is concluded that if the eye undergoing glaucoma surgery has any cosmetically significant deviation, it can be safely and reliably straightened in one go by combining the two procedures.

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