Safdar Shah, Khuda Dad Tarar, Suhaib Umar Bhatti, Salomi Suhaib.
Our experience with the management of superficial bladder cancer (Transitional Cell Ca), the role of adjuvant intravesical BCG therapy.
Ann King Edward Med Uni Jan ;12(4):550-2.

We present our experience of 52 patients with bladder cancer. 47 patients (90%) were having superficial bladder disease (Ta, T1) who underwent TURBT followed by intravesical BCG postoperatively, 35 patients (67.3%) completed 6 weeks. Course of intravesical BCG with 10 patients (19.3%) showed recurrence of disease after` six month of follow-up. 4 patients (7.6%) left after 2 weeks of intravesical BCG and 3 patients (5.76%) did not take BCG therapy. These patients hade invasive disease and underwent radical cystectomy and two patients had metastatic bladder cancer disease which were advised systemic palliative treatment. We found intravesical BCG as effective and successful adjuvant therapy for superficial bladder cancer.

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