Syed Saeedul Hassan, Sajid Bashir, Irshad Khokhar, Memoona Tehseen.
Quality assessment of synthetic food dyes in candies and chewing gums.
Pak J Med Res Jul ;45(4):96-100.

Background: Synthetic food dyes are being used commonly for enhancement of visual appeal, in different candies and chewing gums. Aims: To see if permitted food colors are being used in candies and chewing gum or not. Methods: At least 40 samples of different candies and chewing gums were collected from the market and dye stuffs used in them were separated by wool extraction method. The dyes were identified by colour reaction, paper chromatography and spectophotometry. Results: It was found that nearly all the samples collected from high to medium standard shops had permitted colors which were within the prescribed limits. However samples which were unwrapped and were collected from low standard shops contained non-permitted colors which are harmful and carcinogenic. Conclusion: Non permitted food colors should not be used in food items as they have a harmful effect on health and are carcinogenic

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