Chakrabarti B, Albert P, Davies PDO, Davies Pdo.
The latest developments in the diagnosis of Tuberculosis.
Pak J Chest Med Jun ;13(1):7-10.

The skills of the clinician in eliciting a history and performing an examination in the diagnosis of tuberculosis are still necessary. Above all clinical suspicion is paramount as if tuberculosis is not considered the necessary tests to confirm the presence of disease will not be requested. Smear using the Ziehl-Neelsen or more usually in the resource rich setting phenol-auramine and solid Lowenstein-Jensen culture for M. tuberculosis remain the essentials. The recently published guidelines for the management of tuberculosis in the UK emphasise the use of liquid culture media to speed up the diagnostic process. Early systems utilised radiometric detection. Modern systems now use fluorometric or colorimetric detection. This is a commentry.

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