Adnan A Shah, Badar A, Rashid M, Nyachhyon P, Hussain M, Yahya M, Ali S.
Pattern of mandibular fractures in Lahore, Pakistan.
Proceeding Shaikh Zayed Postgrad Med Inst Jul ;17(1):23-5.

To identify the etiology and site distributions of mandibular fracture. A total of 321 patients were involved in the study. Diagnosis was made on the basis of history, clinical examination and radiographs. There were 246 (77%) males and 75 (33%) females. The most common etiological factor was road traffic accident (140 cases, 44%) followed by assaults (80 cases, 25%). Angle and body fractures were the most common. The most common etiology of maxillofacial trauma is road traffic accidents. This reflects lack of road safety legislation and poor road / highway conditions.

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