Mohammad Ashraf Ganatra, Hammad Ashraf Ganatra.
Method of quantitative bacterial count in burn wound.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;23(3):415-9.

Objective: To describe a technique for conducting Quantitative bacteriology in burn wounds, which is a very important tool in the management of burn wound sepsis. Methodology: Technique was used in 21 patients with burn wound injury. Biopsy for the bacteriology was taken with the help of punch forceps. Then it was directly put into sterilized pre weighed homogenizer bag containing 1ml normal saline. This bag was re-weighed. Weight of the tissue was obtained and bag was homogenized in homogenizer (Stomacher Lab Blender-80). Four fold dilutions were made of homogenate specimen. From each dilution tube, 0.01ml was then inoculated on blood agar plates, incubated for 24 hours and number of colonies counted by formula. Results: Four specimens were taken each day and repeated on alternate days for up to 6 days. Out of twenty one patients there were 10 male and 11 female with mean age of 25.95 years. Total body surface area burnt was from 9-41%. Bacterial counts obtained varied from 1.45-8.89. Conclusion: Quantitative bacteriology is simple by the above method and should be employed in every public and private sector burn center.

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