Ahmed M, Khan A, Siddiqi T, Ikram M, Mian M.
A comparison of dissection-method and diathermy tonsillectomies.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;50(7):215-6.

OBJECTIVE: To compare the dissection and diathermy methods of tonsillectomy and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages during surgery and convalescence. METHODS AND SETTING: Patients who had tonsillectomy at Aga Khan University Hospital, between January 1994-December 1997. RESULTS: Four year retrospective analysis was done of 200 patients who underwent tonsillectomy by either electrocautery or dissection method. One hundred and eleven underwent tonsillectomy by electrocautery and the other 79 had their tonsils removed by dissection-method and 2 had a combination of both. The average intra-operative blood loss was 10 ml with cautery and 65 ml with dissection method. The average operative time was 15.7 minutes with cautery and 26.9 minutes for dissection. We found higher amounts of blood loss and intra-operative time with dissection method than electrocautery. In comparing diathermy dissection method tonsillectomies, there was marked diffference between two, in peri-operative blood loss and operative time. CONCLUSION: Although post-operative bleeding, pain and infection are complications of both techniques and in our study their incidence in similar in both, but intra-operative blood loss and time are two important factors, based on which we can conclude that electrocautery technique is a more effective technique in our set up.

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