Chandrashekhar Khairnar.
Cervical epidural is a safe & effective technique (PROS).
Anesth Pain Intens Care Jul ;9(2):24-30.

CEA has revolutionised the perioperative pain management as it increases the patient comfort and modulates the stress response. The high quality of analgesia produced permits better spontaneous ventilation, coughing out of secretions without pain thereby preventing atelectasis and chest infection apart from improved circulation and better wound healing. Patients belonging to ASA physical status III or IV requiring thoracic, thyroid, breast, upper extremity and vascular surgery and in whom GA can be potentially risky are special candidates for CEA. With the focus on regional anaesthesia today such a technique remains a valuable component in the anaesthesia armamentarium. However a word of caution is worth mention in patients on anticoagulants, antiplatelets or thrombolytic agents in whom a disaster can occur due to epidural Heed and sninal hematoma. This is a review article.

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