Noreen Rasool, Shahnaz Kouser, Rubina Sohail, Farrukh Zaman.
Cardiotocography as a predictor of Fetal distress.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;18(2):43-7.

This study was carried out to determine frequency of pathological pattern of intrapartum CTG and its, impact on neonatal outcome. Materials and methods: The Study was carried out for a period of 6 months from January 2005 to June 2005 at Services Hospital, Lahore. During this period 1653 patients were delivered at the hospital, including vaginal deliveries and caesarean sections. Results: Out of the 1653 patients who delivered during this period, 100 patients had non- reactive CTG. CTG was repeated after 60 minutes and sleeping pattern was ruled out. 72 babies were delivered with good APGAR score. while 24 had poor APGAR score and required nursery admission. There were 2 fresh still births. Conclusions: CTG remains the cornerstone for monitoring fetal health status.

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