Khalid Farouk, Murtaza Gondal, Shaheen Moin, Anis Ahmad, Uzma Bano.
Ovarian cysts resulting in Graft dysfunction in a patient with Renal transplant.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;18(2):68-70.

Renal Transplant is a cost effective renal replacement therapy which also provides better quality of life as compared with chronic maintenance dialysis. While chronic rejection of renal transplant remains one of the common long term complications, other causes of graft dysfunction due to compression include a sizeable lymphocele, perinephric urinomas and pregnancy. In female patients of reproductive age multiple ovarian cysts are one of rare causes of graft dysfunction hitherto unreported in literature. We report here a rare and an interesting case of renal allograft dysfunction caused by multiple ovarian cysts in a young female. The ovarian cysts were excised during laparotomy, the patient made a smooth recovery and the renal functions gradually returned to normal.

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