Asghar Sultan, Samia Jawed, Faraeea Asghar, Saghir Akhtar Ali.
Various protein fractions electropohoretic analysis in renal failure patients.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;18(1):24-6.

Introduction: The study is planned to investigate alteration in low molecular weight protein fractions in renal failure patients in the local population. Materials and methods: A total of seven protein fractions ranging from 11 to 26 kDa were resolved in both control and the effected subjects. Results: In renal failure subjects four out of seven fractions i.e. 20, 15, 14 and 11 kDa were significantly elevated as compared to controls. Pronounced reduction was observed in fraction of 23 kDa. Protein fraction of 26 and 17 kDa did not shown significant variations from the controls. Conclusion: In conclusion we found that most significant elevations were observed in 20 kDa and 11 kDa protein fractions. A larger sample population is required to further elucidate the relationship of the disease with specific proteins in the biological fluids.

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