Shazia Majid Khan, Asghar Sultan.
Feto-maternal outcome in Gestational Diabetes Mellitus.
Pak Postgrad Med J Jan ;18(1):35-8.

Objectives: To identify the mothers at risk of having maternal and fetal complications due to gestational diabetes and to measure the outcome in terms of maternal and fetal complications. Design: Comparative cross-sectional study. Patients and Methods: One hundred and fifty pregnant patients of gestational diabetes were included who were either diagnosed for the first time in this pregnancy or had known gestational diabetics. These patients were prospectively reviewed for their glycemic control throughout prenatal, natal and immediate post natal period. They were grouped into controlled and uncontrolled, and their feto-maternal outcomes were compared. Results: In this study 26.7% patients had anemia in uncontrolled group whereas only 9.33% had anemia in controlled (p-value 0.01). Out of 75 patients in uncontrolled group 5 patients suffered miscarriage whereas there is no miscarriage in controlled group (p-value is 0.05). Hypoglycemia was present in 60.75 % babies of mothers in the uncontrolled group whereas 8.2% of babies of mothers in controlled group had hypoglycemia (p-value is 0.01). 14.7% of patients in uncontrolled group had ENND. All of these babies were premature. In controlled group 2.7%, patients had ENND (p-value 0.01). 38% patients in uncontrolled group had macrosomic babies whereas in controlled group only 8.0% patients had macrosomic babies (p-value 0.001). Conclusion: This study showed the poor fetomaternal outcome in uncontrolled gestational diabetes mellitus.

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