Anjum Q, Tabinda Ashfaq, Hemna Siddiqui.
Knowledge regarding Breast feeding practices among medical students of Ziauddin.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;57(10):480-3.

Objective: To assess knowledge among medical students of a private medical college regarding breast-feeding practices. Methods: A cross sectional survey of medical students from first year to final year at a private medical college was conducted on a pretested self-administered questionnaire. Students were divided into preclinical and clinical years for analysis. Results: A total of 344 students participated with 159 (47.6%) from the preclinical group and 185 (53.7%) from the clinical group. The mean age of respondents was 22 + 1.5 years. Overall 69% students knew that breastfeeding should be initiated immediately after birth, 42% said that exclusive breastfeeding should be continued for 4-6 months and 33% said that weaning should be started between 4-6 months. Regarding giving colostrum to the newborn, 14% students felt that it should be discarded and 12% from both groups thought that colostrum was harmful. Over two-third (76%) from clinical group and 61% from preclinical group were of the opinion that breastfeeding should be started immediately after birth (p=0.009). Correct age to start weaning was identified by 71% of the clinical group, whereas, the preclinical group stated it to be 7-9 months of age (p<0.001). Conclusion: The knowledge of students regarding breastfeeding was more in the clinical group as compared to the preclinical group, whereas, overall knowledge of the students regarding breastfeeding was low. Medical students being the future physicians will be the first line in dealing with mothers and breastfeeding related problems. The medical curriculum should lay emphasis on counseling regarding maternal and child nutrition (JPMA 57:480:2007).

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