Qaiser Mahmood Ahmed, Ijaz Masood, Nasreen Siddique.
Per-cutaneous FNA biopsy with open lymph node biopsy.
Professional Med J Jan ;14(1):21-9.

Objective: To compare the efficacy of per cutaneous FNA biopsy with open lymph node biopsy. Setting: Nishtar Hospital, Multan. Sample size: 50 patients. Duration: One year. Results: Maximum number of cases 35 (70%) were between the ages of 11-40 years. During this procedure adequate specimens were obtained from all cases for cytological interpretation and no complication was observed. Benign result in 30 cases while malignant disease was observed in 19 cases and an unsatisfactory result was observed in one case. Results of this study showed that tuberculosis is still a common disease in our population. Overall accuracy of FNAB cytology was 98% on comparison with histological diagnosis indicating the usefulness of this technique. Conclusion: FNAB-C may be performed by clinician, pathologist or radiologist as an outpatient procedure. So along with other advantages it brings a new dimension of cooperation between the medical specialist, cytopathologist and radiologist in this era of emphasis on ambulatory care.

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