Jan Muhammad Memon, Nazar Ali Memon, Mohan Khataomal Khatri, Altaf Ahmad Talpur, Abdul Ghaffar Ansari, Abdul Hakim Jamali, Ali Akbar Ghumro.
Rectal foreign body: not a rarity.
Gomal J Med Sci Jan ;5(2):72-4.

Rectal foreign body is no longer a medical oddity. The majority of objects are inserted by self introduction in children, psychiatric patients, in victim of assault and as a result of sexual gratification. It causes lower abdominal pain and rectal bleeding. The presence of a foreign body in the rectum has always been a challenge and numerous approaches have been devised for its recovery. Before manipulation of a foreign body, rectal perforation and peritonitis must be ruled out. Laparotomy is sometimes necessary. We report a case study of a rare foreign body in the rectum with unusual presentation.

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