Onyekwere C A, Ojukwu J C.
The epidemiologic profile of pancreatic cancer and management outcome in Lagos, Nigeria.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;24(2):340-3.

Objectives: Pancreatic cancer is a common gastrointestinal malignancy worldwide with incidence almost equal to mortality. The aim was to study the pattern, management and outcome of pancreatic cancer in Lagos, Nigeria from 2005-2007. Methodology: All histologically – proven cases of pancreatic cancer seen in two hospitals (University teaching and a private facility) in Lagos, Nigeria during the study period were recruited noting their bio data, clinical presentation, treatment and outcome. Results: The patients age range was 40-86 years.with a mean (SD) of 64 years (10.9) and M: F ratio of 15:12. The common clinical features were weight loss, jaundice and epigastric pain in a few. Abdominal ultrasonography was useful in the diagnosis but histological confirmation was at laparoscopy during which palliative shunt was done for relief of distressing pruritic symptoms. One patient had celiac axis block for distressing pain. The histological types were adenocarcinoma (96%) and anaplastic tumour (4%). All came in advanced stage where palliation was the only option. The mean survival period was 6 months while the 1-year survival is 4%. Conclusion: The outcome of pancreatic cancer is still very poor and efforts at improving early diagnosis remain the only hope.

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