Seyed Razi Dadgar, Allahyar Saleh, Hamid Bahador, Hamid Reza Baradaran.
OSCE as a tool for evaluation of practical semiology in comparison to MCQ & Oral examination.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;58(9):506-7.

Objective: To compare medical students` perceptions regarding Objectively Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) with Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Oral exam in their semiology course. Methods: We used a questionnaire with 10 questions regarding the quality of exam (Likert scale) and 3 questions regarding the difficulty, being educative and with descriptive scales. The study carried out in the Centre for Clinical skills located at Firozgar Teaching Hospital affiliated to Iran University of Medical Science. Results: Seventy-three students (65% female) completed the questionnaire. The results of the study showed that exam was very stressful for 63% of participants. Seventy percent believed that OSCE was easier in comparison to MCQ and Oral. About fifty percent (50%) stated that the time was enough. Majority of students expressed that performing the skills at each station was interesting and educative. OSCE, MCQ and ORAL examination were perceived easy by 52.5, 57.9 and 21.1% students respectively. OSCE, MCQ and oral examination were considered educative by 73%, 20% and 56.9% respectively, and fair by 68.9%, 41.4% and 40.7% respectively. Conclusion: The findings of this study support OSCE as an acceptable method to assess essentials of practical clinical skills of medical students (JPMA 58:506;2008).

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