Huma Kayani, Naeemullah.
Trans-Tenon`s retrobulbar infusion of Triamcenalone for treatment of intermediate Uveitis.
J Surg Pak Jan ;12(4):155-60.

Objective: To find out the efficacy and complications of triamcenalone acetonide injection given in trans-tenon retrobulbar space for treatment of intermediate uveitis. Study Design: Interventional study. Place & Duration of study: Department of Opthalmology, Ganga Ram Hospital Lahore, from January 2005 to December 2006. Patients & Methods: Twenty eyes of twenty patients with intermediate uveitis uncontrolled with systemic corticosteroids were injected with 20mg of triamcenalone acetonide in trans-tenon retrobulbar space using long, round tip cannula via incision through conjunctiva and tenon`s space. Results were analyzed for visual outcome and any side effects. Follow up was at one week post injection, followed by monthly interval for three consecutive months. Results: At one week post injection, there was no change in visual acuity (except one patient which showed improvement). Mean visual acuity improvement was observed in sixteen eyes one month after triamcenalone injection, while one eye showed worsening and remaining two eyes showed no change in vision. No patient was repeated with triamcenalone injection during the three month follow up. All patients systemic steroids were discontinued after trans-tenon injection. Complications like cataract and raised intra-ocular pressure were not observed in any patients during the study period. Conclusions: This study demonstrates that trans-tenon (retrobulbar) injection of triamcenalone acetonide to be effective treatment for decreased visual acuity associated with intermediate uveitis. Systemic steroids may be discontinued and there is a high level of patient acceptability for this technique. Further follow up is required to demonstrate its long-term efficacy.

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