Nasser Ali Nur, Mateen Izhar, Shaukat Rabbani.
Wound Infection Surveillance: A Six-Month Prospective Study.
Proceeding Shaikh Zayed Postgrad Med Inst Jan ;14(1):1-6.

Infection in surgical wounds must be kept to a minimum. Surveillance of surgical wounds helps to reduce the infection rate. A six-month prospective study was carried out at the Department of General Surgery, Sheikh Zayed Hospital, to determine the wound infection rate. A total of 251 wounds were assessed. These wounds were categorised according to the degree of contamination during surgery. Anorectal cases were excluded from the study. The wounds were assessed using the Southampton Wound Assessment Scale. The wound infection rates were found to be comparable to international figures. Our infection rate of 3.3% corresponds to international figures of 2.6% (3). We recommend that continuing surveillance is necessary to further reduce the wound infection rates.

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