Muhammad Ilyas, Mukhtar Alam, Habib Ahmad, Muhammad Tariq, Sadaf Bibi, Amjad Ali, Inamullah.
Awareness regarding bioethical issues among the students and faculty of Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan.
Pak J Med Sci Jan ;25(1):97-102.

Objective: To determine the awareness level regarding bioethical issues among graduate and Post graduate students and faculty of Hazara University Mansehra Pakistan. Methodology: The study was carried out at the campus of Hazara University Mansehra, Pakistan. It was a questionnaire based survey. Results: Most of the participants were graduate students having relatively better knowledge of Science and Technology as 90.4% of them were found to be familiar with the term "Bioethics". It was encouraging to note that students at this level of education had positive opinion about the role of Science and Technology and had accepted its importance in their daily lives. The fact that the students are eager to learn more about bioethical issues was borne out by our data as 96% students were of the opinion that Bioethics should be taught regularly in the classes. There was a general agreement among the respondents that the government’s policies on Bioethical issues are not satisfactory and that the issues need to be addressed; albeit within the frame work of religious (Islamic) teachings. The survey indicated that Cloning, Organ donation, GMO’s, Contraception, Abortion and Stem Cell Research are regarded as the most important bioethical issues. Conclusion: Curriculum of educational institutions including Universities, Colleges and Schools should include appropriate courses on bioethics. The society in general needs to debate the issues through conferences, seminars, workshops and media for enhancing awareness, allaying fears and formulating opinions based on correct information.

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