Gulshan Ali Memon, Roshan Ali Solangi, Amir Hamzo Dahri, Atta Muhammad Chandio.
An Experience with Breast Cancer at P M.C.H. Nawabshah.
Med Channel Jan ;5(4):7-14.

Sixty five patients of Breast carcinoma were studied for demographics and clinicopathological pattern of disease at PMCH Nawabshah from December 1995 to June 1999. The common age group was 44-48 years 943.75%), less than 1% was found in male, mean age of menarche and menopause was 15.05 and 44 years respectively, 90.63% were married and rest were unmarried (9.37%). 57.80% were with high risk factors, it was 12.5% in women with family history of breast cancer, and was common in women who had no issue (12.06%) or whom children were born after the age of 30 years (9.37%). While one was pregnant at the time of daignosis. The breast lump was 100% and lymph node involvement were (56.31%). The left side (60.94%) was more frequently involved, marked delay in presentation was frequent, accounting for larger tumour at presentation than Western series. Bilateral breast cancer was found in 10% of patients. 51 (79.68%) patients were in T2 stage, and the most common variety of breast cancer was Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (82.9%). Modified radical mastectomy (50%) and simple mastectomy (39.06%) were common surgical procedures followed by radiotherapy.

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