Subhana Tayab, Nazli Hossain, Tooba Sharaf Fatima.
Iron Supplement during Pregnancy - A Better Way of Intramuscular Iron Administration.
Med Channel Jan ;5(4):20-4.

Pregnant women attending antenatal clinic between 14-20 weeks of gestation, who were found anaemic, were recruited in this prospective, non comparative study. A total of 35 women were included in this study. This group of women received 5 injections of iron sorbitol spaced at 4 weeks interval after calculation of total iron requirement. Haemoglobin estimation was done at the time of recruitment, at 28, 32 and 36 weeks. Care was taken to see that the last dose is given before 36 weeks. The desired level of haemoglobin was achieved at 36 week. This method of intramuscular iron administration is convenient both for doctors and patient as well, is cheap, improves patient compliance as well as ensures at least 5 antenatal visits.

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