Tahir Iqbal Mirza, Fakhar Ilyas Malik.
Professional Med J Jan ;16(1):34-7.

Objective; To find out types of traumatic injuries in bicycle passenger children. Setting: At PAC hospital Kamra. Period: From October 2005 to October 2007. Patients & Methods: The children between the ages of 03 to 10 years were included in this study. They were divided into two groups. First group(Gp-I) sustained injuries due to ankle or foot entrapment in rear running wheel while the second group(Gp-II) sustained injuries due to fall of bicycle, while child sitting alone either at front bar or rear luggage carrier unattended. Results: Gp-I sustained mostly frictional injuries ranging from simple abrasion to deep lacerated wounds of lower leg, ankle and foot. While in Gp-II severe injuries like fractures of upper and lower limbs, visceral abdominal injuries and head injuries were observed. Conclusion: Bicycle passenger injuries are common injuries of the children in less developed countries. These injuries range from simple “road rash’ to serious head injuries.


Differents sets of diseases require,variable types of nutrtional support,confined to adult surgical pratice
Posted by: tahirbaig on Nov 2009

Dear Sir How many children were you recruited in your study, what method you adopted to take the subjects. why you divided the patients into two groups, what was your objective. study design is absent your study. how you concluded your results without facts and figures. though this is a very study topic, nothing is said new. to strengthen your study you must express your results statistically.
Posted by: ibrahim_ap on Nov 2009

More about your study demographic features are missed, any type of sever disease , type of treatment, follow-up (may be) is absent. It is humble advise, try to discuss with design specialist and Bio statistician
Posted by: ibrahim_ap on Nov 2009

Posted by: huma1985 on Oct 2017

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