Yeltekin Demirel, Nuran G√úler, Ayd1n Toktamis, Deniz Ozdemir, Ol Sezer R Erol.
Burnout among high school teachers.
Professional Med J Jan ;12(3):312-6.

The purpose of present study was (a) to examine the burnout in a sample of Turkish high school teachers and (b) to test the hypothesis that Turkish teachers suffer from burnout more than the teachers in the developed countries. Methods: All of the high schools in the city Centrum of Sivas, Turkey were contacted for this study. Turkish version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory was used in this study. Six hundred and ten questionnaires were distributed to the teachers, and 520 questionnaires were returned. The 48 questionnaires were excluded in the final analysis, because of including inconclusive and/or incomplete data. Result: There was no statistically significant difference between the scores of sub samples according (emotional exhaustion and depersonalization) to the gender (p>0, 05). There was an insignificant negative correlation (p=0.08) between the depersonalization and personal accomplishment in the group of female teachers. Drinking, smoking and marital status had no effect on burnout in this study sample (p>0.05). Less experienced Turkish teachers reported higher scores on depersonalization (p=0.001). Conclusion: Turkish teachers suffer from burnout less that of the teachers in many developed countries.

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