Huma Qureshi, Ambreen Arif, Waquaruddin Ahmed, Syed Ejaz Alam.
YMDD mutation in Pakistani patients.
J Pak Med Assoc Jan ;59(12):858-9.

The comparison of Eastern Response with the Western Response chronic hepatitis B. YMDD mutations in west is around 32% (5 years) but reports from East are scarce. To evaluate frequency of lamivudine resistance and compare the results with the West, a total of 100 chronic hepatitis B patients were given Lamivudine 100 mg before breakfast. Out of 81 patients (19 no follow up), (85%) males and (15%) females. Wild type were 69 (85%) and 12 (14.8%) pre-core mutants. At 1 year 25/69 wild type (36.2%) lost their HBeAg and 18 (26%) seroconverted. At 2 years 30 (43.4%) became HBeAg negative and 22(31.8%) had positive anti-HBe. At 3 years 33 (47.8%) became HBeAg negative and 25 (36.2%) sero-converted. Of 12 precore mutants 8 (66.6%) lost HBV DNA within 24 weeks of therapy. At 36 months 44.4% showed sero-conversion with a YMDD mutation rate of 6% which is in contrast to 32% reported from the West.

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