Sadia Nasir, Nabeel Nasir, Arifm Siddiqui, Kaukab Bashir.
Assessment of liver size in normal Lahorite population.
J Allama Iqbal Med Coll Jan ;5(1):1-6.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the liver size in non selected sample of population to find out normal and reference value and to study factors affecting liver size. METHOD: A total of 1000 subjects (470 males and 530 females, age range 18-80 years) underwent ultrasound finding to determine the size of liver. Subjects also underwent physical examination and took a short interview questionnaire covering potential factors influencing liver size. RESULTS: The average measured liver diameter (midclavicular line) ± SD was 13.9 ±1.6cm (median, 13.9cm; range, 9.4 - 21.3 cm; average in male subjects, 14.5 ± 1.6cm; and average in female subjects, 13.7 ± 1.7cm).Results of the multivariate analysis showed that the factors body mass index, body height, sex and age exert an influence over liver size measured at the midclavicular line. CONCLUSION: The sonographic measurement of liver size at the midclavicular was shown to be an easy practical method for routine use. On the basis of the result of this study, we suggest that a sonographic finding of a liver diameter of 16 cm or greater in the right MCL should be considered consistent with enlargement of the liver. Body mass index and body height are the most important factors associated with the diameter of the liver measured at the midclavicular line

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