Iftikhar Ejaz, Humayun Iqbal Khan.
Pattern of renal diseases in children: our experience from a tertiary care hospital of Lahore.
Pak Paed J Jan ;33(4):233-7.

Objectives: To evaluate the pattern of childhood renal disease seen in a tertiary care teaching hospital of Lahore. Design: Descriptive study Setting: Division of Pediatric nephrology/ Department of Pediatrics, King Edward Medical University / Mayo Hospital Lahore. Study Period: 1st Jan 2008 to 31st July 2008. Material & Methods: The data were obtained by analyzing case files of patients admitted in the division of nephrology during the study period. Evaluation of the children included history, physical examination and relevant investigations. Statistical analysis included estimation of mean with standard deviation, median and percentages to determine frequencies. Results: Ninety-four patients of renal disease were admitted during the study period. Mean age was 8+15.286 (S.D.) years, median 7.864. Nephrotic syndrome (51.1%) was the most common diagnosis followed by chronic renal failure (14.9%), acute renal failure (8.5%) and renal stones (7.4%). Urinary tract infections accounted for 4.3% of admissions. During this period there were three deaths (2 cases of chronic renal failure and 1 of acute renal failure) and 2 patients left against medical advice. Conclusions: Renal diseases are fairly common in pediatric age group, early detection and proper management can make a remarkable difference to the outcome

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