Rukhshan Khurshid, Mohammad Muslim, Asma Fiqhat, Sadia Zafar, Zafar Ali.
Importance of early detection of renal dysfuction in chronic diabetic patients.
J Allama Iqbal Med Coll Jan ;7(4):50-4.

Aim: Study tried to emphasize the importance of early detection of chronic kidney disease in chronic diabetic patients. Materials and Methods Nineteen male and fifteen female patients with chronic diabetes and hypertension were included in the study. Parameters used to estimate mild chronic renal insufficiency were the volume of urine, serum creatinine, urinary creatinine and urinary protein and creatinine clearance. Results: Result showed that the levels of serum creatinine and urinary creatinine were raised in both sexes of patients as compared to these levels of control subjects. Volume of the 24 hour urine was non significantly high in patients when compared these values with the values of normal subjects. Value of creatinine clearance was significantly increased in male patients when compared the values with normal subjects. Level of 24 hour urinary protein was non significantly high in patients as compared to the urine volume of normal subjects. We can conclude that a more accurate assessment of renal function should be required in a population with chronic diabetes characterized by older age, gender and Proteinuria. Creatinine clearance should also be included as the routine assessment of glomerular function.

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