Muhammad Umar, Hamamatul Bushra Khaar, Anwaar A Khan, Aftab Mohsin, Waseemud Din, Hasnain Ali Shah, Noor Mohammad, Muazumuddin Ahmed, Asif Abbas Naqvi, Muhammad Khurram, Saleem Qureshi, Irfan Ahmad, Masood Ahmad, Khushnud Ejaz, Saima Ambreen, Tashfeen Adam, Zahid Mahmood, Abdul Naeem, Adnan Arif, Sohail Bhutta.
Diagnosis, management and prevention of hepatitis c in pakistan 2009.
Pak J Gastroenterol Jan ;23(2):7-67.

SUMMARY: This was a general consensus amongst experts who participated in literature review meeting, focus group discussions, panel of experts meeting, National review committee meeting, open forum presentations for PSG and PSH members and final National Guidelines presentation in PSG meeting at Lahore on 7th March 2009 that, there must be stratification of management guidelines according to; 1) HCV genotype prevalence in Pakistan, 2) Cost effectiveness of therapy, 3) provision of free treatment at Government hospital and patient self financed treatment, 4) expert’s experience in treating hepatitis C patients for the last 15 years, and 5) evidence based, on local, regional and international data. Finally all experts, focused groups, review committees and members of PSH and PSG agreed on following algorithm. (Review article).

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